This will enable you to activate a service for a particular user


Mandatory Parameters for AePS activation :

For the AePS/ Aadhar pay activation, you need to pass user_code, initiator_id, service_code = 43/52/51, modelname, devicenumber, office_address, address_as_per_proof, pan_card as mandatory and aadhar_front and aadhar_back.

By activating AePS for merchants using the service code = 43/52/51, they will be able to conduct AePS/ Aadhar pay transactions instantly. If we find any mismatch in documents, the merchant’s AePS business will be paused. We will communicate the same to you within 24 working hours of merchant activation and ask for re-uploading updated documents. Post re-upload, the status will go in PENDING state and waiting for the action to be taken by the OPS team.


AePS Activation TAT

After activation, the user state goes into pending state and it will take 1 business day for any user to get activated for AePS


Please Note:

  1. In case of AePS service activation, the user_code is the unique code received in response to the Onboard User API
  2. The file size for the documents for AePS activation should be less than 1MB.
  3. We accept the images in JPEG, JPG and PDF format, not in PNG. PNG images are rejected from the partner bank.