Get List of Recipients

Get list of recipients for a customer

Response Parameters Description

Parameter NameDescriptionUse
recipient_idUnique Id generated for each recipientYou can map this recipient_id against each account as this will be required at the time of transaction
available_channelChannels available for this recipient. IMPS or NEFT

Values and Channels allowed.
0- Both NEFT and IMPS.
1- Only NEFT.
2- Only IMPS.
You can enable disable the IMPS, NEFT option on your UI on the basis of the value of this parameter.
is_verifiedIf the recipient is verified from the bank or not

Values and description
0- Not verified from bank
1- Verified from bank
You can use this parameter to know if the recipient is verified from the bank or not.




eg: /customers/mobile_number:9876543210/recipients