Eko has designed an e-KYC API to do biometric KYC for users .



  • The below API's are used in order and consecutively and it is mandatory to do e-KYC before an AePS transaction.
  • For service_code = 43 , kindly use all the three AePS e-KYC APIs. As for service_code = 52, kindly use e-KYC using biometric only.
  • Merchant Authentication to be used before every transaction.

EKYC Steps -

  1. For service_code = 43, it is mandatory to use e-KYC OTP request, e-KYC OTP Verification and Biometric before AePS transaction.
    Please make sure you use these APIs consecutively.
  2. For service_code = 52, you just have to use e-KYC using Biometric only with ekyc_flag param = 1.
  3. The whole process of e-KYC is to be done for every merchant just once.
  4. For both of these services, Daily authentication i.e. 2FA is mandatory and to be done everyday.
  5. Merchant Authentication is required for before every transaction.