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Header Parameter request_hash generation process below:


First, the secret-key value which you have passed "f74c50a1-f705-4634-9cda-30a477df91b7"; is not a value of secret-key this is the key which is encoded to generate the secret-key and secret-key-timestamp.

Please generate the request hash properly. Please check the request hash generation code again. Before generating the request hash you need to generate a string which will be generated by concatenating some parameters in a particular manner only. You cannot change the sequence.

Sequence of concatenated string

secret_key_timestamp + utility_acc_no + amount + user_code

After generating the concatenated string please follow the following procedure :

  1. Encode your authenticator password using the base 64. Authenticator password will be the key which you have used for the secret-key generation. Authenticator password for the staging server is "f74c50a1-f705-4634-9cda-30a477df91b7"

// Initializing key in some variable. You will receive this key from Eko via email
$key = "f74c50a1-f705-4634-9cda-30a477df91b7";
$encodedKey = base64_encode($key);

  1. After encoding the key, you need to hmac the concatenated string and encoded_key using hmac256.
    $signature_req_hash = hash_hmac('SHA256', $data, $encodedKey, true);
    In the $data you need to send the concatenated string.

  2. After hmac , you need to again encode the result using the base64.
    $request_hash = base64_encode($signature_req_hash);

Final result after encoding will be the request_hash.
Please make sure that you are generating the request_hash in this manner only.


For MSEB Operator:

postalcode parameter needs to be passed. The value of this parameter will be the pincode.