Initiate Payment / Fund Transfer

Initiate a fund transfer to any bank account.


Important Note:

Authentication key for payment service in staging is 'f46fd59b-bc90-41e2-9a52-efb5c0778d50'


Payment Activation - Production

Please make sure you activate your service for payment using service_code=45 before doing any transaction. Refer to - Activate Service.
It is mandatory to activate your service in production environment.


Setting up callback/web-hook is mandatory.

Refer to - Setting up callback

Please refer to the below table for payment_mode parameter values


Please refer to the below table for beneficiary_account_type parameter values

1Savings Account
2Current Account


For secret-key and secret-key-timestamp generation, refer to -Authentication

Response Error Codes

403ForbiddenRegenerate your secret key and
timestamp or check if your service is activated or not
500Internal Server ErrorCheck if your request url is correct or
the parameters you're passing is correct
according to the parameters mentioned above
415Unsupported Media TypeRe-check the content/type of the request body.

Please make sure that the client reference ID that you're entering is a unique combination of characters and numbers as it will help you to uniquely identify a transaction.

Maximum characters -20