AePS Flow

To integrate AEPS through FINGPAY, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Onboard your users (merchants) by initiating the Onboard-User API(
  2. Activate AEPS services for your users by initiating the Activate-Service API with the service code 43 for AEPS (FINGPAY).(
  3. Perform the merchant's e-KYC using FINGPAY. To do e-KYC through FINGPAY, you will need to call the following APIs consecutively:
  4. After successfully hitting these three APIs, the e-KYC process through FINGPAY will be completed.
  5. After the merchant's e-KYC is complete, you need to perform Daily Authentication using the AEPS Daily Authentications API (API: Keep in mind that Daily KYC will only be successfull after 3 days of performing the Ekyc
  6. Once the merchant has completed the e-KYC and Daily KYC is successfull, they can proceed to perform a transaction.
  7. Before doing the EVERY transaction, the merchant has to perform his own kyc also using the MerchantAuthenticationApi( and then the end customer can put his Biometrics.


It is recommended to first hit the api on postman. If you face any errors in the response of any of the api, only the response that you got on the postman will be acceptable for debugging. Send your postman response to [email protected]