Get Operator Parameters API

Gives you the list of the parameters to be passed and other info while doing bill fetch or bill pay transactions for that operator.


Response data

list of parameter info that has to be passed while doing transaction
‘Param_name’ → parameter name to be passed in request structure for transaction API for that billers
‘Param_label’ → parameter label that can be shown to end customer to help him understand required details to be passed on.
‘Param_type’ → type of parameter i.e. alphanumeric, number, List. List parameter type has to be exactly passed as per the list of parameters for that biller
‘regex’ → allowed regex expression of the parameter value.
‘error _message’ → Error message to help customer enter the correct format of parameter values, in case regex or type does not match
‘param_id’ → id for the parameter for that biller


fetch_bill in Response parameters

bill fetch flag for biller; value ‘1’ indicates bill fetch for that biller is mandatory for deciding amount and doing bill pay transaction. Value ‘0’ indicates direct bill pay is allowed for any amount for that biller.


BBPS in Response parameters

BBPS biller flag; value ‘1’ indicated biller comes under BBPS billers