Transaction Status Callback

Update the status of a fund transfer / payment request

You must expose an endpoint for callback APIs. This endpoint will be used by Eko to update the transaction status. We will assume that the update request has been acknowledged upon receiving a status 200 “Success” from the endpoint.

Note - The callback will be sent only when the status of the transaction is updated from initiated to success or failed.


URL Structure

Note that only static URL structures are supported.
URL Structure:
Method: POST

We will send the following payload when we hit your URL.

    "tx_status": 0,
    "amount": 120.0,
    "payment_mode": "5",
    "txstatus_desc": "SUCCESS",
    "fee": 5.0,
    "gst": 0.76,
    "sender_name": "Flipkarti",
    "tid": 12971412,
    "beneficiary_account_type": null,
    "client_ref_id": "Settlemet7206124423",
    "old_tx_status": 2,
    "old_tx_status_desc": "Initiated",
    "bank_ref_num": "87694239",
    "ifsc": "SBIN0000001",
    "recipient_name": "Virender Singh",
    "account": "234243534",
    "timestamp": "2019-11-01 18:03:48"


Please share the callback URL along with your Eko code on mail

Email ID :

[email protected]

Please note that we set a common callback for QR, CMS, Payout and DMT