A recipient is someone to whom a customer can transfer money. To be able to transfer money, a customer must add a recipient using the recipient's bank-account or wallet details.

Using these APIs, you can create, delete and update recipients for your customers.

Each recipient may have an associated wallet or bank account information (Account Number, IFSC) to be able to receive fund.


IFSC is not required to add a recipient for most banks. An account number is sufficient.


A recipient is identified by


Where, recipient_id_type could be:

  • acc_bankcode: Account number + bank code. Only applicable when IMPS service is enabled for the bank and IFSC is not required (eg: "acc_bankcode:12376598346_SBIN")

  • acc_ifsc: Account number + IFSC code for banks where IFSC is mandatory (eg: "acc_ifsc:980003598346_ALLG0009062")