Get CMS url

What is CMS transaction flow?

Eko’s Cash Drop API provides an easy solution for all EMI-based transactions. The transaction flow is as follows:

1 - The user is redirected to the transaction page where they can add bill details after selecting the biller.

2 - After the bill is paid, The amount is deducted from the user's wallet account while the commission is added to the same.

3 - Response and payload is shared with the partner to the callback URL shared by them. As well as they can look at the transaction status in the transaction history section of Connect application.

For all integration-related issues, we provide 24x7 support.

Callback response:

{"tx_status":0,"amount":400.0,"tds":0.0,"txstatus_desc":"Success","fee":0.0,"gst":0.0,"tid":2886142533,"client_ref_id":"cust_MAQHG5z2g0k9FK","old_tx_status":2,"partners_commision":0.0,"service_code":"27","old_tx_status_desc":"Initiated","bank_ref_num":"313196224563","timestamp":"2023-07-06 13:11:45"}

Activate service

is already done for "UAT dev key": 6d3a6b9195e0d9b949524f40324541f7, You will have to do it again for your production credentials.

Steps For Integration:

  1. Onboard as an enterprise on our application
  2. UAT testing
  3. Finish Integration
  4. IP whitelisting (Indian only)
  5. Production credentials
  6. Activate service (For production credentials)

After completing the above steps, Your product is ready to use!