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What is CMS transaction flow?

Eko’s Cash Drop API provides an easy solution for all EMI-based transactions. The transaction flow is as follows:

  1. Activate your service for CMS in production using Activate Service.
  2. Generate your CMS redirection url. The user is redirected to the transaction page where they can add bill details after selecting the biller.
  3. Before processing a transaction, our system initiates a debit verification request to our partner's system. This step ensures that the merchant has adequate funds available in their wallet to cover the transaction amount. The structure of the request and the expected response are outlined below:
  4. After the successful response is received, the amount is deducted from the user's wallet account while the commission is added to the same.

Agent ID in CMS - If depositor is the agent, in that case he/she will be the employee of the biller company, hence he needs to enter his employee ID in that case.

Debit-Hook request and expected response:

    "tid": "2886253844",
    "amount": "570.00",
    "client_ref_id": "50054684654",
    "service_code": "58"
    "ekoTxnId": "2886253844",
    "proceed": 1,

Callback response:

    "tx_status": 0,
    "amount": 100.0,
    "tds": 0.007,
    "txstatus_desc": "Success",
    "fee": 0.0,
    "gst": 0.0,
    "tid": 3199475932,
    "client_ref_id": "CMSTRXN123",
    "old_tx_status": 5,
    "partners_commision": 0.135,
    "service_code": "26",
    "old_tx_status_desc": "Initiated",
    "bank_ref_num": null,
    "timestamp": "2024-03-06 12:11:43",
    "operator_name":"L & T FINANCE HOLDINGS LIMITED"


Send an email to [email protected] with the ekocode and the URLs.

Partners have the flexibility to configure the callback URL and debit hook URL in a manner that best suits their requirements. Alternatively, partners can opt to designate separate URLs for the callback and debit hook.


Please note that we set a common callback for QR, CMS, Payout and DMT

Response Error Codes

403ForbiddenRegenerate your secret key and
timestamp or check if your service is activated or not
500Internal Server ErrorCheck if your request url is correct or
the parameters you're passing is correct
according to the parameters mentioned above
415Unsupported Media TypeRe-check the content/type of the request body.


For generation of secret-key and secret-key-timestamp, refer to - Authentication

Biller List -