PAN Verification

To use the PAN verification service (service_code = 4) on the production environment you need to activate the service of PAN verification for your organisation one time. Below is the cURL request for the same

curl --location --request PUT '' \
--header 'developer_key: becbbce45f79c6f5109f848acd540567' \
--header 'secret-key: MC6dKW278tBef+AuqL/5rW2K3WgOegF0ZHLW/FriZQw=' \
--header 'secret-key-timestamp: 1516705204593' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
--data-urlencode 'service_code=4' \
--data-urlencode 'initiator_id=9971771929' \
--data-urlencode 'user_code=20110001'

Replace with your production credentials and in the user_code pass your Eko code provided.

Refer to the FAQs of AePS for any issue from the link :


Important Note:

Only IP which is in India will be whitelisted while going on the production mode. IP which is present outside India will not be whitelisted as per compliance

Port 25002 and Port 25004 must be opened on your server in order to reach the requests from your server to our production and staging environment respectively and a connection must be made from your server. You can check if connection is being made from your server or not using the telnet command.

The command for staging environment which you have to use: telnet 25004.
The command for production environment which you have to use: telnet 25002.