PAN Verification Queries

I am getting error message "PAN verification Fail", what should I do?

If getting message on prodution server then drop an email on [email protected] , for the staging environment drop an email on [email protected] with the complete request and response along with the timestamp and request URL so that the team can check the logs and let you know the issue

I am getting error message "Customer not allowed", what should I do?

For the staging environment use the UAT credentials only and for the production environment ake sure that you must have enable the service of PAN verification for your organisation on service_code = 4. Find the sample cURL request below:

curl --location --request PUT ''
--header 'developer_key: becbbce45f79c6f5109f848acd540567'
--header 'secret-key: MC6dKW278tBef+AuqL/5rW2K3WgOegF0ZHLW/FriZQw='
--header 'secret-key-timestamp: 1516705204593'
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
--data-urlencode 'service_code=4'
--data-urlencode 'initiator_id=9971771929'
--data-urlencode 'user_code=20110001'

This is a one time activation and replace with your production credentials and in the user_code pass your Eko code provided to you

What are the UAT credentials to test PAN verification service?

  1. developer_key - becbbce45f79c6f5109f848acd540567
  2. Key - d2fe1d99-6298-4af2-8cc5-d97dcf46df30 (will be used to generate secret-key and secret-key-timestamp).The secret-key and secret-key-timestamp have to be generated dynamically. Refer to the link ā€œā€ for the dynamic secret-key and secret-key-timestamp generation
  3. initiator_id - 9971771929

I am getting error message "Insufficient balance", what should I do?

Add the evalue from your connect portal in order to use the PAN veriifcation service.

While testing the PAN verification service I passed my PAN card number but in the response I am not getting the correct response, what could be the reason?

On the staging environent we have mocked the response but on the production environment you will get the correct response.

How to generate the secret-key and secret-key-timestamp dynamically?

You need to pass dynamic secret-key and secret-key-timestamp in every request in headers along with developer_key. For the dynamic generation of secret-key and secret-key-timestamp, refer to Authentication . We have sample code available in PHP, Java and C#.

How can i test the PAN verifcation service?

You can check and test the PAN verification sercice from postman. Please export the collection from the link ""

How can i ensure the security of the request which i am hitting?

  1. You need to pass the dynamic secret-key and secret-key-timestamp for every request

  2. We only accept the requests on the production environment from the whitelisted IP only. You can provide an Indian Server IP for the whitelisting

How many IPs i can whitelist and how can i whitelist the IPs?

On one account we can whitelist maximum if 3 IPS and in order to make the IP whitelisted you need to send an email on [email protected] with your regsitered mobile number / Eko Code and make sure that the IPs must have a geoloaction of India otherwise as per compliance we cannot whitelist the IP outside of India.

I am getting 403 HTTP error code. What I am doing wrong?

If you are working on the staging environment then you must check that if you are generating and passing the secret-key and secret-key-timestamp in the headers along with the correct initiator_id and developer-key and secret-key and secret-key-timestamp must be generated properly

On the production environment, make sure that you are only requesting from the whitelisted IP and also passing the correct credentials including the correct generation of the dynamic secret-key and secret-key-timestamp

I am getting 402 HTTP error code. What I am doing wrong?

402 Error code comes when we are not receiving the developer-key from your end. Please check the same

I am getting 404 HTTP error code. What I am doing wrong?

404 error code comes when you are passing the wrong request URL, please make sure to check the request URL before hitting the request.

I am getting 504 Bad Gateway HTTP error code. What should i do?

Please connect with the integration team on [email protected] and menion the environment (UAT / production) you are facing the issue on

I am getting "No key for response" error message?

Raise the same on [email protected] with the complete request and response along with the request URL

I am getting "Failed to connect to port 25004: Connection refused / Failed to connect to port 25002: Connection refused" error message, what should i do?

This message is coming because the connection is not being made from your server with our server. Please telnet from your server and check if the connection is being made from your server or not.

The command for staging environment which you have to use: telnet 25004.
The command for production environment which you have to use: telnet 25002.

Also, in your server settings please check if port 25004 is open for you or not for the staging server and 25002 port must be opened for production environment

How can I get my live credentials?

Once you are done with the implementation and testing on the UAT environment, you need to drop an email on [email protected] along with your Eko code/ registered mobile number, proogramming language that you used for the integration, developer details (name, number and email). If your documentation part is completed we will provide you the production credentials on the regsitered email id.

Where i can connect if having any issue with the integration part?

You can drop an email to the integration team on [email protected] with your regsitered mobile number/ Eko code, programming language that you are working on, your developer details, product(s) which you implementing and your query