General FAQs

A guide to the frequently occurring errors.

Errors -

  1. Forbidden - 403 :
    It is usually due to incorrect secret-key or timestamp from your end. Please check the generation code from the following link: .
    Also make sure to use your auth_key in the generation code (not the developer key).
  2. Internal Server Error - 500:
    It usually implies that the API is not able to make connection to our servers.
    In staging remove the port 25004 from the url. And in production re-check your URL and http method.
  3. Unsupported Media Type - 415 :
    Check the _Content-type _of the API from its respective API Reference page and check if you are using the same content-type or not. Example - Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
  4. No mapping rule matched :
    In the URL swap v1 with v2 or vice-versa. If it still does not work then send the request and URL at [email protected].
  5. Method not allowed - 405 :
    Check the http request of the API from API Reference and put the correct http request that POST, PUT or GET.
  6. Agent not allowed/ Agent not allowed to do this transaction/ Customer not allowed :
    Check if the service is ACTIVATED for the user_code. If not then, activate the service for the merchant.
  7. "No Key for Response" :
    Please re-check the value of the parameters. It is either not entered or the format is incorrect.
  8. Kindly use your production key :
    Check if you're using the correct developer key (credentials for staging cannot be used in production).
  9. HTTP error code - 404 :
    This error occurs when you are passing the wrong request URL, please make sure to check the request
    URL before hitting the request.
    Production Base URL -
    Staging Base URL -