Transaction Initiation and Information

What are the required parameter that needs to be sent to initiate a transaction?

  • recipient_id : Unique Id generated while adding the receipient
  • amount : The amount value which customer needs to transfer.
  • timestamp: The current timestamp
  • currency: This will be a static value. value of parameter is INR
  • customer_id: Customer‚Äôs mobile number
  • initiator_id: The unique cell number with which partner is on-boarded on Eko's platform
  • client_ref_id : Unique reference number of partner's system, please make it as unique as possible so that it does not match with any other partner's unique reference id. (e.g. First 3 or 4 letters of your organisation + current timestamp)
  • hold_timeout: pass any static value (e.g. 10)
  • state: This will be a static value and value of this parameter will always be 1
  • channel: Money can be sent via 2 channels: IMPS or NEFT. (1 - NEFT, 2 - IMPS)
  • latlong: latlong of partner's retailer of whom merchant_document_id is passed Pass either of them.

As per RBI guidelines I can send only Rs 5000 in one go, what I can do if I need to send more than Rs 5000 in one time?

If you wish to send more than Rs 5000 in one go then either partner can split the transaction at your end and then send to us, that needs to be handled at your end.

You can also use our split transaction API where we split the transaction at our end. Please refer to Wallet Integration

How can I mark the transaction as success or fail?

Real time transaction handling while doing the transaction:

Check the value of status parameter.
a.) If the value of status parameter is 0 then check the value of tx_status parameter.
i) tx_status value 0- Mark as success
ii) tx_status value 1- Mark as fail.
iii) Any value other than above 2 mark it as Response Awaited and do enquiry.

b.) If the value of status parameter is non zero than you can mark the transaction as fail.

Note : The decision on the basis of value of the parameter status will only be taken in case of real time handling of transaction.

Transaction handling in enquiry API:

Always check the value of tx_status parameter and follow the same definition used in the handling of transactions in real time.

If the parameter tx_status is not coming the enquiry API like in the case where transaction never reached our system in case of connection failure than raise it with our Team to know the status of the transactions before refunding them back to the agents

When do I need to make an Inquiry for the transaction?

You need to make an inquiry if in the initiate transaction API you get the tx_status other than 0 and 1. In case if any other value is returned in tx_status parameter then the transaction should be treated as initiated and transaction inquiry should be done until the final status is received.

You can make an inquiry using the Eko TID or client ref id. A transaction can be timeout due to multiple reasons where partner bank responses could be slow or due to network connectivity, delayed or no response may occur. In such cases transaction should not be treated as declined or failed. Ideally, it should be inquired using Transaction Inquiry API by passing partner reference number i.e. client_ref_id.

What to do if I got a suspicious response in case of Initiate Transaction like ‚ÄúNo Key for Response‚ÄĚ?

In case you have not received the tx_status in the response of send money API or received any suspicious response, please make an Inquiry first for that transaction via Transaction Inquiry API. Do not mark it as failed transaction before transaction Inquiry.

What to do If I am not seeing transaction in my dump on connect portal?

In the above case, do not mark the transaction as failed. First make an inquiry for that transaction via transaction Inquiry API or raise the same to us and then take action accordingly.

I am getting error message "Insufficient balance", what should I do?

Add the evalue from your connect portal in order to use the service

I am getting error message "Limit exceed. Transaction failed", what should I do?

You can do upto Rs 25000 per sender per month, please do check the linit before transaction from the Get Customer information API

What to do if the customer is a KYC customer and the money is transferring from wallet pipe?

As per RBI guidelines if a customer is a KYC customer and the transaction is going from PPI wallet then an OTP will be shoot to the customer’s mobile number as a consent for the transaction.
Please refer to Wallet Integration

How many times the customer needs to enter the OTP if the transaction amount is more than Rs 5000?

If you are splitting the transaction at your end then for each transaction amount an OTP will be needed and if you are using the Eko’s split transaction API then only one OTP will be needed.