Eko for Developers

A brief overview of Eko's services, API stack, and tools for developers.

Welcome to Eko Developer Portal!

Eko has developed a varied stack of APIs, services, and tools that enable you to:

  1. Process small value financial transactions via IMPS/NEFT.
  2. Verify bank account details of a customer instantly
  3. Enable cash collection for third-party application via acceptance of Eko merchant's electronic value
  4. Enable biometric-based cash-out for customers via AePS (Aadhaar enabled Payment System)
  5. Enable third-party lending organizations to leverage Eko's network of merchants and customers to increase their loan portfolio
  6. Verify PAN card for KYC

The Eko APIs are RESTful, and therefore, very easy to use. All API responses are in JSON format, including errors.

Our security solutions enable you to interact securely with our API even from a client-side website or application without exposing your secret-key. You should never expose your developer secret-key in any client-side code.