Core Resources

Customer Entity

idstringvalue of customer id
customer_id_typestringtype of customer id
stateintegera value which signifies the current state of the customer
state_descstringdescription of the current state of customer
limitarraysignifies the amount available for the customer to transact in the month
balancedoublecurrent balance of the customer
namestringname of the customer

Recipient Entity

recipient_id_typestringcan have 2 values
1. acc_ifsc
2. acc_bankcode
idstringid of the recipient; needs to have the same format as mentioned in recipient_id_type
recipient_idstringunique id of the recipient for the customer; this will be used in the transaction api
namestringname of the recipient
recipient_mobileintegermobile number of the recipient

Transactions Entity

tidintegerunique transaction id on Eko platform
client_ref_idstringunique tid on partner platform
timestamptime at which transaction was done, should be in TZ format
currencystringcurrency in which transaction is being processed
stateintegersignifies the state of the transaction
channelintegersignifies the mode of transaction
refund_tidintegerunique transaction id on Eko platform when a refund is done

Bank Entity

bank_codestringshort code for each bank
namestringname of the bank
isverificationavailablebooleansignifies availability of account name verification
ifsc_statusnumbersignifies if IFSC is required for addition of bank account number
codestringshort name of the bank