Set of transactions supported by Eko APIs

Eko's API allows you to:

  1. Create a customer
  2. Enquire about customer profile
  3. Add entity, like recipient bank account, to a customer profile
  4. Process financial transactions on behalf of customers via IMPS/NEFT
  5. Enable third-party lending organizations to provide a working capital loan to Eko's network of merchants, distributors, channel partners and customers
  6. Enable verification of bank account details
  7. Enable sale of third-party products/services via Eko merchant network
  8. Verify your customers/merchants via eKYC
  9. Process biometric-based cash-out transactions via AePS (Aadhaar enabled payment system)
  10. Verify your customer's PAN card for KYC (refer here)



  1. IMPS/NEFT Remittance:
    1. ₹ 5,000 per transaction
    2. ₹ 25,000 per sender per month
  2. AePS Cash-out:
    1. ₹ 10,000 per transaction
    2. 5 transactions per Aadhaar per day
  3. Aadhar Pay:
    1. ₹ 10,000 per transaction