AePS Fund Settlement Queries

How to integrate the AePS Fund settlement?

For the AePS Fund settlement integration, refer to the link "" , ""

I am getting Account verification failed. Name not matched while adding the account for the AePS fund settlement, how shoukd i add the account?

If you are getting the above message / you can add upto 3 receipients while addng teh acount then raise a request for the account addition manually from the API [Add Settlement Bank Account (Offline Process)] (

I am getting the error message as "you can settle upto max_amount", how to resolve this?

You can settle the amount upto the value which is metioned in the unsettled_fund. This is the amount of which the user has done the AePS transaction of minus the amount which he is already settled.

If the you are passing the amount which is in the range of unsetteled-fund and you are still unable to settle the amount then you need to check for the configuration set on your connect portal. If you want your merchants to settle the AePS amout into their bank account then the configuration must be set to "My Merchant" and if you want to settele the compelete AePS amount then the configuration must be set to "Self" in the connect portal.

You can change this configuration once in a 15 days and once the configuration is changed the previous amount can be settled only by the partner and not his merchant

I am getting the error message as "Agent not allowed to do the transaction", how to resolve this?

Make sure that you must have activate the service of AePS fund settelement for the user code that you have passed in the request on the service_code = 39. Below is the cURL request for the same 👎
curl --location --request PUT ''
--header 'developer_key: becbbce45f79c6f5109f848acd540567'
--header 'secret-key: MC6dKW278tBef+AuqL/5rW2K3WgOegF0ZHLW/FriZQw='
--header 'secret-key-timestamp: 1516705204593'
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
--data-urlencode 'service_code=39'
--data-urlencode 'initiator_id=7411111111'
--data-urlencode 'user_code=20310003'

Replace with your production credentials and in the user_code pass the user code.

If you are receiving the same error message even after servuce activation raise the same on [email protected] along with the complete request, response and request URL.

How can I delete the bank account for the AePS fund settlement?

Currently there is no API for the same, if you want to delete any beneficiary then raise a request on [email protected] or to your RM along with the recipient id you want to delete and valid reason for the deletion

The amount in the evalue is much higher but when I am settling the amount it is showing only some part, what is the reason for the same?

With the AePS fund settelement feature on your connect portal you can only settle the AePS transcation business and not any other amount. If you want to setttle the complete amount then use the fund settlement option from the left side menu in the connect portal