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AePS Gateway Introduction

Eko has designed AePS Gateway to allow you to securely process a biometric-based cash-out, mini statement and balance inquiry services for your customers.

AePS Gateway Demo

Steps to onboard and activating AePS for your retailers/ merchants:

  1. Onboard your users on Eko platform using Onboard User API
  2. Activate AePS service for your users
  3. Check the status of the service for the retailer/merchants using the User Service EnquiryAPI
  4. Integrate AePS Gateway for enabling AePS transactions for onboarded users

Limits for AePS transaction:

  1. Up to Rs. 10,000 per transaction
  2. Number of transactions per Aadhaar per day: 5

Currently, Eko supports the following biometric device operators:

  1. Morpho
  2. TMF20
  3. Mantra
  4. Startek



SecuGen biometric device is not supported for the AePS.


Please Note:

  1. If the users are not onboarded then they will not be able to use AePS
  2. All information about users is required for compliance process and will be shared with banking partners for onboarding on their platform
  3. After activation, the user state goes into pending state and it will take 3 business days for any user to get activated for AePS

Updated 26 days ago

What's Next

Add AePS Gateway to your website or Android app.

AePS Gateway Flow
AePS Integration (Web)
AePS Integration (Android)

AePS Gateway Introduction

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