Recipient Addition and Information

How can i add the recipient??

Recipient can be added using 2 methods : acc_ifsc and acc_bankcode.

acc_ifsc : Account number + IFSC code for banks where IFSC is mandatory (eg: "acc_ifsc:980003598346_ALLG0009062")

acc_bankcode : Account number + bank code. Only applicable when IMPS service is enabled for the bank and IFSC is not required (eg: "acc_bankcode:12376598346_SBIN")

IFSC is not required to add recipients for most of the bank. You can check for which banks IFSC is mandatory, by implementing the [Get Bank Details API] ( When you hit this API in the response you will get parameter ifsc_status. If the value of this parameter is 4 only for that bank you need to pass the IFSC code.

From where i can get the bank id value to pass in add recipient?

For bank ids please refer to this google sheet

You can get the bank id in the response of the get bank details API also both via bank code and IFSC code.

What is the value of recipient_type?

The value of recipient_type will be 3.

How can I fetch the recipients details of already added recipients?

This can be done by [Get recipient details API] ( and [Get List of recipients API] (

Get List of recipients give you all the recipients which are added on the remitter mobile number that you passing.

Get Recipient details will give you the details of a particular recipient. In this API you need to pass the recipient_id which you can get in the response of add recipient as well as get recipient details.

Explain available_channel and is_verified parameters

available_channel : You can enable disable the IMPS, NEFT option on your UI on the basis of the value of this parameter. Channels available for this recipient. IMPS or NEFT.
0 - Both NEFT and IMPS.
1 - Only NEFT.
2 - Only IMPS.

is_verified : You can use this parameter to know if the recipient is verified from the bank or not.
0 - Not verified from bank
1 - Verified from bank