How to Onboard Your Merchants for AePS?

  1. Get the service code for AePS by calling the Get-Services API.

  2. Onboard your users (merchants) by initiating the Onboard-User API.

  3. Activate AePS services for your users by initiating the Activate-Service API with user's unique code (returned in response to the Onboard-User API).

  4. Inquire about the status of your user on Eko platform by initiating the User Services Enquiry API


Please Note:

  1. We do a verification of the PAN number provided by you in the Onboard User API and match the name returned in the verification to the name you send in the API call. So please send the valid PAN number and it should be of the same merchant/user whose name you are sharing.

  2. The name matching is only for production. On staging/UAT, we won't be verifying the name from the PAN verification.