Get Bank Details and Account verification

What is the use of implementing the Get bank details API and is it mandatory?

This API is a mandatory step in DMT integration and can be used to get bank-specific information.

For adding a recipient:
a. to know whether IFSC code is required for that bank or not
b. to know whether verification of bank account is available for that bank or not

For transferring money: to know whether IMPS channel is available for that bank or not.

Parameter available_channel can have the following values:
0= both channels IMPS and NEFT are available for the bank
1= only NEFT mode is available
2= only IMPS mode is available

Parameter ifsc_status can have the following values:
1 = Bank short-code (e.g. SBIN) works for both IMPS and NEFT
2 = Bank short-code works for IMPS only
3 = System can generate logical IFSC for both IMPS and NEFT
4 = IFSC is required

Parameter isVerificationAvailable can have the following values
0 = Bank is not available for account verification
1 = Bank is available for account verification

How can I get the bank details?

You can get the bank details either by bankcode (eg. SBIN for State bank of India) or by IFSC.

Please refer following google sheet for bank codes.

Why the bank Account verification API is required?

The account verification API return you the name which is registered in the bank of the recipient so that customer is sure about the recipient.

How can we verify the bank account?

You can verify the bank account in 2 ways -

  • By passing the bank code in the URL (if IFSC is not mandatory)
  • By passing the complete IFSC code

Along with the bank_code / IFSC you need to pass the account number of the recipient.