Money Transfer

Instant money transfer, anytime and anywhere

India has a huge number of people who do not have smartphones and bank accounts. For banking services such as sending money, they usually end up having to visit bank branches. Unfortunately, many of them live in areas that do not have bank branches nearby. What if you could help them by providing them banking services at your shop? The most commonly used banking service is direct money transfer, also known as money remittance. Eko gives you this feature to turn your own shop into a bank. Customers who do not have bank accounts but still want to transfer money using cash can visit your shop. You can take the cash and transfer digital money to the bank account specified by them. Easy and effective!

Money Transfer is one of the services most in demand today in India. Large segments of the population still do not have access to basic banking services. The density of banks in rural or semi-urban areas is still very low. To address this opportunity, Eko has aggregated major Banks & wallets under a single API platform to enable our Channel Partner's retail networks to service the money remittance requirements of customers.


  • First you need to onboard your merchants/ retailers using the Onboard user API
  • Then you need to check that whether the customer is already existing or not on EKO’s platform using the Get Customer Information API.
  • If the customer already exist, then fetch his already registered recipients using the Get List of Recipients API. If the customer is not registered, then create a customer using the Create Customer API.
  • After the creation of the customer you need to verify the customer using the Verify Customer Identity API. You will not receive an OTP on the mobile number on UAT. If you want to resend the OTP hit the Resend OTP API
  • If the customer is already registered and no recipient has been added then add the recipient using the Add Recipient API. You can check the list of recipients added from the Get list of recipients API
  • Once the recipient has been added or the already registered recipient has been selected then you can send the cash using Initiate Transaction API via either IMPS or NEFT channel.
  • You can check the status of any transaction using the Check Transaction Status API. If any transaction goes into the refund pending then you can process the refund using the Refund API
  • On the staging environment, OTP will not be received on the mobile number.


Important Note:

Only IP which is in India will be whitelisted while going on the production mode. IP which is present outside India will not be whitelisted as per compliance

What are the possible status that can come while doing a DMT transaction?

2Initiated/ Response Awaited
3Refund Pending
5Hold (Transaction Inquiry have to done)

If you get the tx_status other than 0, 1, 3 and 4 in the send money API then you need to make an inquiry for that transaction using the Get transaction status API.

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