AePS Gateway Flow

The AePS Gateway works in the following manner:

  1. Your application/website opens the AePS Gateway:
    1. On the web, it opens in a new browser tab.
    2. On Android, it opens the AePS Gateway activity (screen).
  2. Your user/merchant initiates an AePS transaction on the Gateway.
  3. Before the final transaction, Gateway seeks a confirmation from your app/server to validate and secure the transaction.
  4. Only after getting a go-ahead from your app/server, Gateway executes the transaction.
  5. After a transaction is finished, Gateway will communicate back to your app/server sharing the transaction details.
    • In case of cash-out, your balance on Eko platform (Evalue) will get credited
    • In lieu of Eko's confirmation, you would need to give balance to your user/merchant

AePS Flow Diagram


What’s Next

Integrate AePS Gateway to your website or Android app.