AePS Fund Settlement

Settle funds directly to your bank account

Steps For AePS Fund Settlement:

  1. Enable users to add self bank account through Add Bank Account API
  2. Show list of recipients mapped to a user using Get List of Recipients mapped to user API or allow him/her to add new self bank account
  3. Read the amount the user can settle in his/her account from the parameter unsettled_fund in the response from Get List of Recipients mapped to user API
  4. The user chooses bank account and initiates the request for settlement
  5. The user will get money into his bank account within 3 hours



  1. Service available from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 5 pm.
  2. Max Amount for settlement: ₹ 2,00,000 (two lakh) per transaction.

Refer to the link for any queries on AePS and AePS Fund settlement.

Postman Collection :


Port 25002 and 25004

Port 25002 and Port 25004 must be opened on your server in order to reach the requests from your server to our production and staging environment respectively and a connection must be made from your server. You can check if connection is being made from your server or not using the telnet command.

The command for staging environment which you have to use: telnet 25004.
The command for production environment which you have to use: telnet 25002.

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