Token Introduction

Token is a revolutionary financial product, that enables payments in cash or any digital method, easily and instantly. Built just for India, Token makes every transaction simple, flexible and trackable. Just allow your customer to generate a Token from your payments page and they can pay in cash at any Eko Store or at any merchant accepting any UPI payment.


Token is designed as a powerful tool to maximise your business potential. Please use the attached logo at places where Token is integrated or embedded on your website and mobile application. This logo will be prominently displayed at merchant locations and will help your customer easily identify a Token accepting outlet. Download Token logo.


• Great user experience.
• Simple integration.
• Single payment instrument that allows your customer to pay Cash
• Increase sales exponentially
Your company just needs to integrate Token into your website or App as per SDK provided (details in next section).

Use Case

Token can be used for a lot many purposes like transacting at platforms accepting digital currency, loan repayments, cash/salary withdrawal, availing discounts on products and services, etc. However, we are currently enabling Token as a transaction token that will help the end-users shop online without having to make payments digitally.

Note: Each Token will have a pre-defined expiry time post which it can no longer be used for any transaction. For e.g.: An airline can set the Token validity for 10 minutes, while a school can set the validity for 30 days for payment of fees.