BBPS Queries

What are the UAT credentials to test BBPS service?

  1. developer_key - becbbce45f79c6f5109f848acd540567
  2. Key - d2fe1d99-6298-4af2-8cc5-d97dcf46df30 (will be used to generate secret-key and secret-key-timestamp). The secret-key and secret-key-timestamp have to be generated dynamically. Refer to the link “” for the dynamic secret-key and secret-key-timestamp generation
  3. initiator_id - 9962981729

2.How can i integrate the BBPS?

For the BBPS APIs integration refer to the link :

APIs have to be integrated for BBPS. Please refer the link below :

What is the process of BBPS?

  1. Activate service for your eko code using service_code = 53 (for BBPS API)
  2. Check the status of the service for the retailer/merchants using the User Service EnquiryAPI
  3. Integrate BBPS API for enabling BBPS transactions for onboarded retailers/merchants.

Where i can connect if having any issue with the integration?

You can drop an email to the integration team on [email protected] with your registered mobile number/ Eko code, programming language that you are working on, your developer details, product(s) which you implementing and your query

What are the possible scenarios relating to the "403" error (forbidden) in the Fetch Bill API?

The possible scenarios are listed below:

  1. Incorrect Initiator ID, developer key, secret key, timestamp, or request hash authenticated incorrectly and is passed in the request body.
  2. On the production server, please make sure the request originates from a whitelisted IP address.
    Same is not required for the staging environment.
  3. Check if the user_code you are passing is activated or not on service code 53.

Share the dummy value of the utility account number parameter

Pass the value of this parameter from your end and it must be a valid utility account number which is existing in real life

How to activate the service of the BBPS for the retailers?

Below is the cURL request for the activation of the BBPS service:

curl --location --request PUT ''
--header 'developer_key: becbbce45f79c6f5109f848acd540567'
--header 'secret-key: MC6dKW278tBef+AuqL/5rW2K3WgOegF0ZHLW/FriZQw='
--header 'secret-key-timestamp: 1516705204593'
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
--header 'Cookie: JSESSIONID=DDFE0149A107950E9591820607D6A9F8'
--data-urlencode 'service_code=53'
--data-urlencode 'initiator_id=9962981729'
--data-urlencode 'user_code=20810200'
--data-urlencode 'latlong=77.06794760,77.06794760'

Replace with your production credentials and in the user_code pass the user code.

What could be the cause of "No key for Response" in the Pay bill API?

Ans.This error generally means there is some issue with the request parameter (missing or unformatted) like when we receive a null value for the developer key on our server.

Please check your request parameters thoroughly and then if the issue persists kindly raise issue to us at [email protected] with complete curl request response with timestamp.

In response to the fetch bill API, you may receive "No license is available for accepting payments to the benefit of this operator.".

Ans. Those alerts come from certain operator when services (operator_id) are sometimes not supported or deactivated for non-kyc users.
Enrollment in HG Pay is required for such cases.
The enrollment process process basically involves sharing each Merchant’s contact number , email address, shop address with pincode and geocode and the complete name of the merchant with your account RM, who will be able to assist you in the rest of the process.

It will take 15-20 days for the merchant to become enrolled.