Customer Creation and Information

What is the value of customer_id_type and customer_id in API?

  • customer_id _type = "mobile_number"
  • customer_id = customer’s / remitter’s mobile number.

How can i check the customer’s available limit, used limit and total limit??

In response of the Get Customer Information API you will get parameters “available_limit”, “used_limit”, “total_limit” which will tell the customer's available limit (total limit - used limit), used limit (limit which customer has already consumed) and total limit respectively.

What will be the maximum limit of the customer per month?

The customer remittance limit is Rs 25,000 per month

What are the required parameters that we need to send in body params for Creating a Customer for DMT?

  • initiator_id
  • name
  • dob
  • pipe
  • user_code
  • residence_address

I am not receiving the OTP on the testing server, how can i get that?

OTP will be received on the customer’s mobile number via SMS. If not getting, please connect with integration team on [email protected] for the staging environment and customer service team on [email protected] for the production environment

I am getting "Address not in required format" error message, what should i do?

Any address must be passed in JSON format