Error Codes

For all financial transactions, status = 0 should be treated as successful else fail and the current state of the transaction can be retrieved from tx_status and txstatus_desc parameter.

For all non-financial requests, you may need to consider both status and response_type_id parameters

463User not found
327Enrollment done. Verification pending
17User wallet already exists
31Agent can not be registered
132Sender name should only contain letters
302Wrong OTP
303OTP expired
342Recipient already registered
145Recipient mobile number should be numeric
140Recipient mobile number should be 10 digit
131Recipient name should only contain letters
122Recipient name length should be in between 1 and 50
39Max recipient limit reached
41Wrong IFSC
536Invalid recipient type format
537Invalid recipient type length
44/45Incomplete IFSC Code
48Recipient bank not found
102Invalid Account number length
136Please provide valid ifsc format
508Invalid IFSC for the selected bank
521IFSC not found out in the system
313Recipient registration not done
317NEFT not allowed
53IMPS transaction not allowed
55Error from NPCI
460Invalid channel
319Invalid Sender/Initiator
314Failed! Monthly limit exceeds
350Verification failed. Recipient name not found.
344IMPS is not available in this bank
46Invalid account details
168TID does not exist
1237ID proof number already exists in the system
585Customer already KYC Approved
347Insufficient balance
945Sender /Beneficiary limit has been exhausted for this month
544Transaction not processed.Bank is not available now.

Possible values of parameter tx_status

2Response Awaited/Initiated (in case of NEFT)
3Refund Pending
5Hold ( Transaction Inquiry Required)