Widget Introduction

Eko API Widget is the easiest and quickest way to integrate with all our APIs and get Money Transfer and all other features in your own website!

API Widget, our premium product, allows merchant assisted business to quickly integrate with Eko APIs for money transfer and other services. It was originally built for our own web app Connect where it has been successfully used for the last couple of years.

In order to reduce the time for you to go-live and to provide a great experience for your users, Eko has finally released the API Widget for you.

API Widgets are completly white-labeled so that there are no Eko brandings. You can do your full branding as well as change the color theme of the widget to match your own website colors.


Connect itself has been built with the API Widget and it is being successfully used daily by our 20,000+ merchants for the last couple of years.


Features of API Widget

  • The widget integration would allow you to start your service within 2 - 7 days.
  • The widget would take care of the complete flow involving that transaction (For example, for Money Remittance: customer registration, recipient registration, and transaction).
  • The widget has been built to do transactions in the shortest possible time with maximum accuracy. It handles all kinds of validations and prevents typing mistakes
  • The partner would only need to take care of transaction inquiry. Transaction inquiry is essential to handle the exception cases (like network failure during a transaction) and the client should not go-live without integrating this API


Benefits of using Widget

  • One Integration, Multiple Products: get all our current (and future) API products with just one integration for free.
  • Fast integration: Start your business quickly. Save time in building a sophisticated UI (User Interface)
  • Beautiful & powerful UI: subtle animations and a fast intuitive interface for your users.
  • Camera & Image Compression: Use your webcam or your mobile camera to quickly upload documents. The Widget smartly compresses the images for very fast uploads!
  • Smart validations and restricted input to minimize error.
  • Responsive: Looks and works great on both desktop and mobile phones.
  • Themes: Change colors to match your website's theme.
  • Multi-Language: Built-in support for 5 languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati & Kannada. (More coming soon...)
  • Print Receipt: give the option to print transaction receipts with your full branding: your company logo, your heading, title, etc.
  • Google Analytics: Get Google Analytics about your website usage free of cost with our widget. By understanding your users and their behavior on your website, you can improve your website and your business. No coding required.
  • Secure & Blackboxed: The Widget is built using the Web Component & Shadow DOM technology so that both the Widget and your website are completely safe from each other.

Even if you want to integrate our APIs on your own, the Connect Widget is a very good way to:

  • quickly test our APIs
  • understand the complete transaction flow, i.e, the combination of various APIs and UI to make a transaction (eg: Money Transfer) happen
  • play with the widget (in debug mode) to see live API calls and learn from it

Widgets are currently available for:

  1. Domestic Money Transfer (DMT)
  2. Refund process for DMT
  3. Indo-Nepal Money Transfer
  4. More widgets coming soon...