Generate QR

This API can be used to generate QR code for any user against their mobile number. Also, This API can be used to fetch existing QR code created with us.

What is the QR transaction flow?

Eko’s QR Payment API provides an end-to-end solution from QR code generation to payment collection. The transaction flow is as follows:

1 - The user provides their mobile number against which their QR code is generated.

2 - If any payment is made against the QR code, the amount is reflected in their wallet.

3 - Response and payload is shared with the partner to the callback URL shared by them. As well as they can look at the transaction status in the transaction history of Connect application

For all integration-related issues, we provide 24x7 support.

Callback response:

{"tx_status":0,"amount":400.0,"tds":0.0,"txstatus_desc":"Success","fee":0.0,"gst":0.0,"tid":2886142533,"client_ref_id":"cust_MAQHG5z2g0k9FK","old_tx_status":2,"partners_commision":0.0,"service_code":"27","old_tx_status_desc":"Initiated","bank_ref_num":"313196224563","timestamp":"2023-07-06 13:11:45"}

Response Values


Response Codes

400Some required parameters are missing.
500Some exceptions occurred while processing the request

Error String

1Failed to create a customer ID
2Customer ID is null
3Failed to generate QR

Steps For Integration:

  1. Onboard as an enterprise on our application
  2. UAT testing
  3. Finish Integration
  4. IP whitelisting (Indian only)
  5. Production credentials
  6. Activate service (Through integration support)

After completing the above steps, Your product is ready to use!