Transaction Inquiry - CMS

Get the status of a CMS transaction basis Eko TID or client-reference-ID




eg: /transactions/12212118

In case you are doing the transaction enquiry using your client_ref_id
The value of the id parameter in URL will be client_ref_id:{client_ref_id}

So the URL will change to{client_ref_id}

eg: /transactions/client_ref_id:12212118

Possible values of parameter tx_status

2Response Awaited/Initiated (in case of NEFT)
3Refund Pending
5Hold (Transaction Inquiry Required)


Transaction Timeout:

A transaction can be timeout due to multiple reasons where partner bank responses could be slow or due to network connectivity, delayed or no response may occur. In such cases transaction should not be treated as declined or failed. Ideally, it should be inquired using Transaction Inquiry API by passing partner reference number i.e. client_ref_id.

We advice you to do the transaction inquiry primarily via Eko TID instead of client_ref_id as the response is fast, use the client_ref_id for th inquiry when the EJo TID has not been received