Transaction APIs enable fund transfer from one customer to another.The destination could be a wallet, a credit card, a bank account, merchant account or a supported utility account.


A transaction is identified by


Transaction APIs enable clients to:

  1. Transfer money into a bank account via IMPS or NEFT for a customer
  2. Enquire about a transaction's status using transaction enquiry. Enquiry can be done using Eko TID or client_ref_id (a unique ID that you send with every transaction)
  3. Initiate a refund for the customer in case a cash to digital transaction fails. Upon failure, an OTP is automatically sent to the customer that he/she can use to get the refund

Money transfer transaction can be made through two channels:

ChannelValue (to use in API call)

Every transaction response will contain a tx_status code with the following possible values:

3Refund Pending
5Hold (Transaction Inquiry Needed)

In case if any other value is returned in tx_status parameter then the transaction should be treated as initiated and transaction inquiry should be done until final status is received.


Transaction Timeout

A transaction can be timeout due to multiple reasons where partner bank responses could be slow or due to network connectivity, delayed or no response may occur. In such cases transaction should not be treated as declined or failed. Ideally, it should be inquired using Transaction Inquiry API by passing partner reference number i.e. client_ref_id.