Get Customer Information

Get a customer's basic profile information




eg: /customers/mobile_number:9876543210

Please read the parameters available_limit and used_limit to show limits for the customer on your UI/UX.

Returns a customer's basic profile information such as name, mobile number, eKYC status, wallet balance, monthly available limit for money transfer, etc.

You can use this API to check if the customer has been created on our platform. If not, you must create the customer before using Eko related services (like Money Transfer) for him/her.



Limits for customer

  1. For customer who has done KYC - Rs 74,500 per customer per month (Temporarily on hold )
  2. For non-KYC customer - Rs 25,000 per customer per month

Response Description for DMT customer

Parameter NameDescriptionUse
available_limitLimit left in the month for the customer.You can show this on your UI as the Available Limit for the customer
used_limitLimit consumed in the month by the customer.Show this as the Used Limit for the customer mobile number.
stateTell you what is the state of the customer.
Values the parameter can have
1 - OTP Verification Pending
2 - OTP Verified Customer, Non-KYC / Rejected
3- KYC verifcation pending
4 - Verified and Full Kyc Customer

5- Name change verification Pending

8-Partial KYC
You can show the state of the customer on your portal.

If you get the remarks as rejected then again call the API create customer for KYC with the documents for the KYC.

If you have initiated for name change of wallet but OTP has not been entered yet.

This state means we have only Aadhaar card number right now and OVD documents have not been updated yet.
total_limitTotal limit available for the customer depending on whether he is kyc or not.Show the total limit of the customer on your UI
wallet_available_limitLimit available in the Wallet. It will 0 for Non-KYC customers and for Kyc customers it will be 49,500 and reduce correspondingly after transactions.To know the transaction will go through the wallet for Kyc customer or through a BC pipe.
So that commission at your end can be calculated correspondingly
bc_available_limitTotal Limit available in the BC Pipes.
is_registeredThis parameter will let you know that whether that customer is registered on any particular pipe from the pipe array.If this parameter is 0 it means the customer is not registered on the particular pipe and if it is 1 it means it is registered on the particular pipe.